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Christopher M Horan

Hi, my name is Chris, and I'm from Jupiter, Florida. I got into video production through bullriding back in 2003. I used to ride and was looking for a way to earn money to pay for travel and practice. Calendars and crash videos was the idea, but it evolved into much more as I learned more about videography, photography and audio. Before I knew it, I was filming Pro & Olympic Athletes for Golf Magazine/, as well as additional clients and projects.


I owe a lot to IATSE Local 500 for the experience in entertainment labor since 2007ish, and also to John Ledesma, Optimism Media Group & for giving me my first big break years ago.


Today I continue to learn and create new opportunities to grow...

Chris Horan


Golf Magazine/

Window & Door Design Center

Palm Beach Cabinet Company

Resync Supplements

Palm Beach Window & Door

Brandon Marshall / NFL player

Optimism Media Group

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